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September 29, 2018

Lake Placid, NY - It's 6:24 am. Our trip leader wakes me up a minute before my alarm. Our group was quick and efficient in getting ready to head to the Adirondak Loj. I had discovered the night before that I left my hiking footwear over 4 hours away in New Jersey. I didn't even have sneakers -- just flat-bottomed, slip-on casual leather shoes. No amount of foot pain would have been worse than missing out on this peak. Though my feet coming out of a shoe without shoestrings was a concern.

It was 50 degrees at our 7:15 sign-in. It was typical in-between weather: push up the trail and you'll sweat bullets; take a break and you'll catch a chill. The sunlight was beautiful at ground level, but my eye was on the peaks. The tallest ones were capped with clouds, raising suspicion that it m...

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