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January 26, 2018

Before packing my bags, laying out my clothes, and studying my maps on Tuesday night, I foolishly laid down to "rest my eyes". So, it didn't surprise me when I woke up naturally at 4:40AM feeling very well-rested. It wasn't ideal, but as I pushed myself off of the bed and my feet hit the carpet, I felt ready for a nice, long hike to Sunfish Pond in Worthington State Forest. I previously hiked Mt. Tammany to the west and the Coppermine Trail to the east and I had greatly enjoyed the rocky, steep terrain. 

Being up so early, I took some time to do a quick stretch and yoga session before gathering my things. Instead of going straight out the door, I took another moment to give myself a haircut and jump into the shower. For some inexplicable reason, shaving my head always seems...

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