Miles Hiked: 5,916

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, all future events have been indefinitely postponed for the health and safety of all. Accepting imperfect circumstances that are out of your control, being willing to do things the hard way, and knowing that the right mentality will lead to adaptability are all part of being proactive - once this is all over, we'll be back at it, stronger than ever.

Leave It Better Than You Find It ~ Enjoy, Do Not Destroy

May 7, 2018

I arrived at the trailhead of the Dunderberg Spiral Railway Trail at 8:00AM. I was up nice and early this morning and rearing to get on my way. Sipping my coffee, I enjoyed a pleasant drive to Tomkins Cove, NY, with very little traffic and fresh, cool air whipping through my open window. 

This was the first day of the year where I would be expecting temperatures to rise above 80 degrees while I hiked. In 2017, I started this circuit in July and grew accustomed to tolerating scorching temperatures and all the sweat, burns, and thirst that came with it. I have enjoyed the extended winter hiking, but I was looking forward to the sun, comfortable air against my skin, and being able to feel all of my digits throughout the entire trip. 

Surprisingly, on such a beautiful day, I was the...

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