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Leave It Better Than You Find It ~ Enjoy, Do Not Destroy

April 22, 2018

I wanted a simple, straight-forward hike this week and needed to budget my time wisely. I was not as rushed as when I hiked the extremely short and easy Closter Dock Trail a few weeks ago, but I wanted to beat the traffic and be home by the early afternoon. From my shortlist of hikes, the Sterling Ridge Trail appeared to be perfect: 5-miles, an easy out-and-back, a strenuous climb, and a nice view to finish. 

I had received three separate flash flood warnings on Monday. Many roads I take to work each day were flooded and vicious winds swept detritus into the air and onto the streets. Conditions in West Milford were just the same as near my home nearly 40 miles away, so when I arrived at the Sterling Ridge trailhead on Tuesday to find the ground completely saturated, I...

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