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August 29, 2018

Some of my most memorable, satisyfing moments on the trails are when I start to feel exhausted, when I start to feel the muscles ache, and when I know I'm pushing myself to my limits.

Recently, Christian and I hiked Stonetown Circular to Horse Pond Mountain - making for about a 12-mile loop. It was an arduous hike and I knew it would be. The last time I hiked Stonetown Circular, I had a bit of a rough time. 

Although this recent hike went right to plan, its difficulty was apparent in the sheer distance and reinforced by the number of elevation gains and losses throughout. This hike requires perseverance and, to me, that is the best kind of hike.

Last summer, I hiked Stonetown Circular for the first time...

"Are you doing the loop?" the old man asked. He held a leash in his hand whi...

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