Miles: 7,486

May 7, 2018

I arrived at the trailhead of the Dunderberg Spiral Railway Trail at 8:00AM. I was up nice and early this morning and rearing to get on my way. Sipping my coffee, I enjoyed a pleasant drive to Tomkins Cove, NY, with very little traffic and fresh, cool air whipping through my open window. 

This was the first day of the year where I would be expecting temperatures to rise above 80 degrees while I hiked. In 2017, I started this circuit in July and grew accustomed to tolerating scorching temperatures and all the sweat, burns, and thirst that came with it. I have enjoyed the extended winter hiking, but I was looking forward to the sun, comfortable air against my skin, and being able to feel all of my digits throughout the entire trip. 

Surprisingly, on such a beautiful day, I was the...

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