Miles Hiked: 5,916

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, all future events have been indefinitely postponed for the health and safety of all. Accepting imperfect circumstances that are out of your control, being willing to do things the hard way, and knowing that the right mentality will lead to adaptability are all part of being proactive - once this is all over, we'll be back at it, stronger than ever.

Leave It Better Than You Find It ~ Enjoy, Do Not Destroy

July 24, 2018

I do much of my deepest thinking on the trail. I come up with most of my best ideas out in the forest. My best workouts come in the form of running and climbing for multiple miles around a mountain. I'm most in control, at ease, and genuinely satisfied when I'm hiking.

At PROACTIVE's conception, I envisioned group hikes playing an important role in the operation. I'm excited that I can finally talk about upcoming social hikes that we have scheduled for August. 

I hope for the hikes to bring our community together so that we can all have the opportunity to meet and experience a trail with others who share our passion. If you've never been to the locations that we have chosen, it's a great reason to visit. If you've already hiked these spots, I can't think of a better reason...

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