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Leave It Better Than You Find It ~ Enjoy, Do Not Destroy

March 27, 2019

The name "Wyanokie" is related to the Lenape word "Winaki" meaning "place of sassafras". Other names, like "Wanaque", are derived from this word. The region has some of the best hiking near New York City. In fact, many of the best views in the Wyanokie Mountains have a line of sight to the Manhattan skyline.

The eastern border of the Wyanokies is the Wanaque River, which is impounded to create the Wanaque and Monksville reservoirs. The western terminus is comprised of Greenwood Lake, Bearfort Mountain, and Kanouse Mountain. The Pequannock River bounds the Wyanokies to the south, an area with much residential and commercial development. To the north, the range continues into New York as the Ramapo Mountains of Sterling Forest.

The Highlands Trail is the primary long distance trail...

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