You may not ever expect to get outside with us, but you can still support our cause! Proactive has its eyes set on big things and in these early stages, your support is critical. We have been working diligently to shake things up and reach our long-term goals. 


Our following is growing and we're helping our members test their limits, maintain and improve their physical and mental wellness, overcome their fears, beat back illness, open their imagination, expand their horizons, meet new people, and properly enjoy the outdoors. 


Your supporter donation will go a long way in helping us achieve some of our long-term and short-term goals, including (but not limited to):


  • Proactive Competitive Hiking Mobile App
  • Expanding Our Merchandising
  • Producing Eye-Catching Literature
  • Aggressive Advertising
  • Upgrading Our Website
  • Purchasing Upgraded Equipment 
  • Acquiring a Proactive Sprinter Bus
  • Establishing Proactive Clubhouses


We appreciate your support and hope that you may join us on the trails one day for a Proactive social hike or another adventure entirely! Thank you. 

Proactive Supporter Donation




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