February Wrap-Up

The month of February came and went in the blink of an eye and I was blessed with some unseasonably gorgeous days for hiking. I am glad that a good number of people visited PROACTIVEAHW.com and our associated social media sites over the past few weeks. When it comes down to it, the site is just as much for myself as it is for everybody else who is interested. I personally get a lot of enjoyment from the entire experience of going out on a hike and documenting it. The world is a big place and we are only scratching the surface.

Welcome New Contributors

During the month of March, we will be welcoming three new contributors to the PROACTIVE team. This month's new additions enjoy the outdoors as much as I do and each have their own reason for heading out into nature whenever they can. I am excited to find out where they have been, where they are going, and to get a glimpse into their adventure.

52-Week Challenge

9 weeks have yielded 9 great hikes - so, 43 weeks to go. March weather is always unpredictable in the Northeast, but with spring right around the corner, I look forward to increasingly hospitable conditions, the amazing rebirth of nature, and countless new trails to hike. I have my eyes on Connecticut and Pennsylvania for the near future.

Slippery Slopes

January's early hikes were over snow-covered trails, which poses a challenge. February's early hikes were over ice-covered trails, which poses even more of a challenge. The constant fluctuations in temperature caused the snow to melt and re-freeze and made for precarious, slippery hikes. The added level of difficulty was welcomed and made these hikes far more strenuous than they would have been otherwise.

Retired Boots

I bought this particular pair of boots during my trip to Virginia's Shenandoah National Park in October and they lasted me a solid 5 months. Unfortunately, after about 18 good hikes, many miles, and countless rocks, the toes were torn apart. Let's see how long the next pair can survive.

Ruins & Ruins

February found me stumbling upon the ruins of Doodletown after adjusting my return route while hiking Bald Mountain. Last week, I explored the ruins of the Cornish Estate while hiking Bull Hill and Breakneck Ridge. It is amazing to investigate the history that is tucked away in the NY mountainside and unique attractions such as these are always a welcome addition to any hike.

Next Stop...Willoughby

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes is called "A Stop at Willoughby". Let's ignore the fact that, in the show, Willoughby turns out to be the name of the funeral home where the character, Gart Williams, winds up. The rest of the episode finds Gart dealing with the everyday stresses of life: an overbearing wife, a demanding employer, and life in the big city. On the daily train ride home, Gart dreams of a fictional, idyllic town called Willoughby.

Watching the Hudson-Line train, from a high perch on an overlook in the Hudson Highlands region, I am always reminded me of this episode. The message of yearning for simplicity is easily relatable to almost anybody and is easy to think about while enjoying the solitude of the outdoors.

Stay Tuned!

I have high hopes for where PROACTIVE-AH&W will be going and look forward to sharing our progress with you. Thank you again for your interest in what we're doing and be sure to stay tuned for our new contributors and other updates to our site.

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