May Wrap-Up

I may have made shared some scuttled plans over the course of the past few months regarding the direction of PROACTIVE - AHW, but progress is slowly being made. There are some projects in the works that I hope will define this entire concept. As we move things along, please keep an eye on what we're doing. I will be posting to keep everybody in the loop along the way.

The month of May marked my 21st week of consistent hiking this year as I visited Dunderberg Mountain, returned to Mount Tammany, traveled to the Catskills to climb Tremper Mountain, and finally returned to Butter Hill. As the weather improves, I have been getting in more hiking each week and have been truly enjoying the ideal conditions of the outdoors.

The hikes will continue and I will continue to document them. In the meantime, I hope to have something new and exciting to report sooner than later. Stay turned.




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