September Wrap-Up

As August's days dwindled and summer began to wrap, I found myself on the precipice of a vacation and some time away from my current job. I had laid grand plans for the month of September and hoped to get inspired; happily, I can say I managed to accomplish that goal and more.

The short period of time I had to truly spend at my own will and work on Proactive was more than inspiring, it was enlightening, invigorating, and energizing. As I write this, the month is over and I have been running straight ahead, more motivated than ever.

If you've been following along here for the last year or so, some things have changed quite a bit since the first post. However, ever since the beginning I've been talking incessantly about my grand plans and big things to come; I still look ahead with excitement and confidence.

Even as I expand my vision for Proactive and work diligently on making it a reality, I look at all that we have done since we launched in late 2017 and am amazed with the amount of progress we've made. From initially purchasing the domain, to having the logo designed, to our first social hike, to prepping for our 8th in just a few days!

Since the launch, I have made so many great connections and visited (or re-visited) a number of stunning locations. And we're just getting started! I have always envisioned Proactive being different and in many, many ways we are proving to be. Don't expect that to stop, but expect evolution. The journey is the bigger adventure we want you to join and to be a part of.

Big thanks to everybody who has supported Proactive by either liking, following, or commenting on our content; an even bigger thanks to everybody who has taken part in any of our events! Next month, look forward to a number of big announcements that are sure to be very exciting! Stay tuned.

~ September Highlights ~

I spent Labor Day with two of my closest friends and their children camping at Kymer's Campground. I was able to hike every morning, but I never got that sunrise at Sunrise Mountain due to the weather. The highlight was bringing my friends' 2-year-old son on his first hike along with his 5 year-old sister. David carried to little one on his back and he loved it!

I first went to see Ozzy Osbourne about 16 years ago. Back then, it felt like he was wrapping up his career as it seemed like he having a hard time on stage. Believe it or not, all these years later, he is actually putting on a better stage show, sounds better, and seems to be having even more fun! This is allegedly his retirement from world touring - but he managed to announce on stage that he'd be back in NJ sometime...

Weather may not have completely cooperated for our 9/11 memorial hike, but at least the rain held off! We were unable to see the Tribute in Light beams, but the mountain and the limited views were still decent. Most importantly, everybody knew why they were there and celebrated the freedom that we enjoy, despite the terrorists trying to take it away from us so many years ago...

The Adirondacks were amazing. I spent the days hiking and returned to the beautiful Sagamore Resort in the evening for great views from my window and the grounds. One day, I hiked up Buck Mountain to later have a view of the same mountain from the restaurant patio as I ate an early dinner. I only had the opportunity to get a small taste of the region, but each and every moment was inspiring and I returned home with a rejuvenated spirit.

The Sagamore Resort, below

I finally got out onto the Pride of the Hudson for a trip between some of my favorite hiking locations. The views were spectacular as seeing these giants that I routinely overlook the river from were now at just the right angle to be able to appreciate the totality of their beauty. This was an experience that I would recommend to anybody who likes hiking in this region.

A trip to the Catskills found us climbing Plateau Mountain. My Catskills experience is still nearly non-existent. However, I realize how much I need to make more trips out to this region after finally hiking a proper Catskills mountain. We already have some major plans in the works for a big return. Stay tuned.

Now, when I said social hikes were "rain or shine", I didn't quite expect to hike through one of the worst rain events in recent memory. Little did I know, as we trudged through a challenging hike to Ramapo Torne and Russian Bear, many roads in the area were getting very badly flooded. Nevertheless, we sunk into mud, slipped on rocks, and waded through ankle-deep water to complete the entire hike that we initially planned. The main view was surprisingly clear despite the rain and fog.

In a continued effort to get out of my comfort zone, I bought tickets to a CBD yoga event run by an old friend of mine. I generally do yoga on any day that I don't hike, but I do it at home in privacy. I was somewhat nervous about trying to do it in public. However, Sanna CBD Yoga creates a great atmosphere and it quickly put me at ease. It was a great experience and I immediately purchased tickets for their next event!

To close the month, I returned to Breakneck Ridge for our final social hike of the Undercliff Trail. These views never get old for me and approaching Breakneck from the opposite direction, to climb down its face, was a fresh experience that I found both challenging and enjoyable.

Until next month, keep being proactive and enjoy your adventures!




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