October Wrap-Up

October was busy. For those following along, this might be apparent as it took me until nearly the end of the month to post September’s wrap-up. Nevertheless, being busy is being productive.

We lead an excellent series of social hikes – creepy to celebrate Halloween – and saw our biggest group yet join us for our hike up Bald Mountain. We experienced a good boost in attendees, followers, and site members in October and I am endlessly grateful to everybody who has joined in and supported Proactive so far.

Our first event in November will be our first “strenuous” social hike. When we originally began drawing plans for Proactive, we had hoped to organize a series of hikes that would be a true challenge for those who desired it. Norvin Green Tour (devised and completed by Christian) – on 11.11 – will be just that and we’re looking forward to more going forward!

Personally, I have been spending much of my free time either on the trails or working exclusively on expanding Proactive. There has not been anything more exhilarating than seeing the different elements of an idea become a reality and it’s just getting started.

The time I consider not to be “free” is the time spent at my day job as a hotel manager. This has been my reality for the last 13 years. I’m not going to completely knock my own personal career in hospitality as I was able to work my way up the ladder rather quickly and have done well for myself. Overall, hospitality is selfless and most struggle with low wages and lack of benefits. However, a lot has changed over the last decade and so have my goals.

For a long time, I found I was putting my job ahead of myself and took a lot of pride in being “the guy” at whichever property I was working at. I once felt comfortable tolerating long hours, volatile schedules, and daily demoralization to live for a few days off a month. After all, it’s paid the bills.

A few years ago, the bright-eyed, enthusiastic young Joe who had started in hospitality as an optimistic janitor in 2006

disappeared. Now, after 10 years in management, I personally lost any desire to field complaints about assorted linens, bits of hair, or lukewarm powdered eggs. Without saying too much, my personal ability to care about trivial things like these had gone.

Then, last year, after some career moves and an unusually beneficial deal, I found myself in a position where I truly felt like I could build something of my own. I had always had a desire to create, to make something out of nothing; I envisioned something different for myself. I realized I wanted to live my passion and take control of my reality. It was then when I started to feel like I should be working just as hard for myself as I had been working for these hotels.

I had agreed to manage my current hotel (my second run at this property) until the end of February 2019 with the idea of discussing a long-term deal thereafter. However, within weeks of returning, I made up my mind that I would do something that may be looked at as risky, illogical, or insane and I have been on a countdown ever since.

As I write this, I have 117 days left before I drop my current occupation and dive head-first into Proactive full-time. March 1st, 2019, I will wake up with my hands on the wheel, full of motivation, and there will be no such thing as “free time”. My time will be spent creating, building, brainstorming and executing – growing Proactive.

A quote from Theodore Roosevelt spoke to me: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

I captioned one of my Instagram posts with this quote back in June. Since then, the team and I have seen considerable progress and it excites me to think that I will soon be able to turn my full attention to Proactive. Everyone’s support, already inspiring and gratifying, will mean even more as we move ahead.

Stay tuned.




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