Proactive Adopts a Trail

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve - Proactive is happy to announce that we have adopted the trails that lead to the North and South Redoubts near Garrison, NY. This approximately 3-mile stretch of trails leads to two interesting vistas which feature views of Storm King Mountain, Constitution Island, West Point, and more. The view overlooking West Point United State Military Academy is ideally angled and one of the best in the region.

The view of West Point is both beautiful and purposeful as each of the vistas are at the sites of military fortifications, redoubts (North and South respectively), that were built during the Revolutionary War to defend and maintain control of the Hudson River. Doing so prevented the British from splitting the colonies in two and likely forcing a different outcome in the war for independence.

South Redoubt holds special distinction. According to a kiosk near the view, George Washington was inspecting the site, overlooking West Point, on September 25, 1780 as Benedict Arnold received news of John Andre's capture. You can feel the history here

For those who don't know, Andre was a British officer in cahoots with Arnold (the American officer in command of West Point) to surrender the base to the British.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth piece which will explore the full history of the Redoubts and the land they were built on.

As a group we had been hoping to have the chance to maintain and improve a trail that was unique, somewhat obscure, and full of character. The Redoubts certainly meets all the criteria. We have made two visits to the site and have found a lot of work to be done, but we are prepared and excited to do everything we can to greatly improve the conditions on the trail.

Whether somebody is looking to avoid the crowds on the weekends or for something quick and different during the week, with it's views, accessibility, and history, the Redoubts are an excellent alternative to many of the more popular spots in the region. I was personally amazed that a trail that I had all but ignored was so interesting; it made me take a closer looks at some of my other maps.

Proactive will begin making frequent trips to the trail in the month of November. We will also be organizing events for those who might be interested in helping to rehabilitate the trail, take in the sights, and be a part of the rich history of the site. Stay tuned for announcements regarding events at the Redoubts.

We would like to thank everybody at the NYNJTC who assisted in the process of us being assigned a trail and for giving us the opportunity to give back to the trails we live for.




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