November Wrap-Up

November was undeniably a very productive month for both Proactive and myself.

Going into last month, I was at 119 days left in my current position as hotel mannequin - er, manager.

By the 21st, I was below 100.

And as that number continued to get smaller and smaller, I was able to spend a little more time on the trails - for social hikes, team hikes, and some solo hikes - and we checked more boxes on the TO-DO list.

On November 11th, Proactive held the inaugural Norvin Green Tour - a fast-paced, rugged 9-mile trek through Norvin Green State Forest.

The route was forged by Christian Mena and inspired by his piece, "Norvin Green Tour". The idea to hold this event was originally conceived early-on and it was nice to be able to hold it as our 10th Proactive social hike - an achievement in itself.

The difficulty of the hike was highlighted as breaks were few and far between and a grueling pace was kept - it was the first in our "Strenuous Series." Those who completed this special strenuous hike from beginning to end were awarded with the first in a series of Proactive commendation patches.

With bail-out points throughout, 12 started and 9 finished. It was an excellently excruciating experience and a good time throughout. I'm looking forward to the next in our Strenuous Series - "Guardians of the Highlands"- more details will be coming soon!

On November 25th, we had another good turnout for our social hike of Schunemunk and were joined by a special guest from Merrell.

Monika, our region's representative, was on-hand to announce the winner of Proactive's November giveaway - a free pair of MQM Flex by Merrell!

We were also able to try on and demo pairs of MQM Flex. MQM stands for "Moving Quickly in the Mountains." Proactive totally supports the idea of MQM, it speaks to us.

On Thanksgiving morning - 19 degrees - I climbed up an icy Mount Beacon for a good amount of alone time with the view. I felt like I had come to the right place to consider what I'm thankful for. At that moment, I was thankful for the solitude, being only briefly joined by only 3 other hikers. After fully savoring the solitude, I passed about 25 hikers heading up as I ran down to the bottom.

We visited Van Slyke Castle and checked out Norvin Green's mines as we did a scouting hike prior to the Tour. We shot some great video at North Point and Butter Hill. We performed our first bit of preliminary maintenance on the Redoubts trails - clearing quite bit of overgrowth and filling a prominent hole near the trailhead. We visited Governor Mountain for a quick run, explored some future possibilities to work with the New Weis Center, and made it down from the view on Sugarloaf Mountain in 17 minutes. Overall, it was a rewarding month and we're excited to pursue the exciting, all-original content.

I'm admittedly already looking forward to 2019: more free time, some really exciting projects, and the freedom to truly build and expand Proactive! I cannot begin to articulate how grateful I am for everybody who has supported us by following, commenting, joining us for social hikes, wearing Proactive shirts, and so on and so forth. I cannot thank you all enough. Your support will definitely count as we go forward, tackling more ambitious projects and events. Stay tuned for a whole lot more.

Be proactive, join the adventure....




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