Year-End Wrap-up - 2018

I'm going to keep this one nice and simple. Maybe sometime in the near future, I'll go through everything and dig into everything we've done over the last year. For now though, I have my sights set on 2019.

For me, 2018 will be remembered fondly for many things: I began hiking and connecting with nature more and more frequently than ever before, I finally decided to start the process of getting myself out of a career that no longer fulfilled any of my human desires, and I started my own company – Proactive, among other notable events.

Just a year ago, I certainly couldn’t have imagined that so much progress would have already been made and that we would be planning for a very ambitious year to come. I need to thank Christian, Steve, and Angelique for coming along on this ride with me, for being able to see my vision, and for all the hard work they’ve put in over the better part of this past year.

I woke up today, New Year’s Day, knowing I have 58 days left as a hotel manager before I fling myself headlong into making Proactive my one and only focus. It’s endlessly exciting. For the past 12 years I have been attached to managing hotels - businesses that never turn off the lights or lock the doors - and have truly worked my ass off.

My instinct has always been pushing me to create something of my own, but the time always felt hard to come by while working in hospitality. Between the 70-hour weeks, missed holidays & ruined days off, and phone calls at all hours, the desire to branch out on my own intensified year over year. In 2017, I was blessed with a good deal that will now – a year and a half later – allow me to finally take that big leap.

I keep telling myself that I’ll only live once. If I don’t take advantage of the time now, I know I’ll be looking back in 20 years wondering what would have happened. I will not have to live with that regret.

Over the past year, we’ve held 15 social hikes, went on countless team hikes, met so many interesting people from within the outdoor adventure community, and have been constantly looking ahead to which areas we may be able to expand.

Over the course of the next few months, we will be launching a number of exciting events, media projects, and more. We’ll be doing more things, going more places, and sharing more of the experience with everybody more than ever before.

I want to thank everybody (yet again) for your support this past year and your continued support going forward. As we move into this next phase, your support will be more important than ever! We will continue to offer more valuable, all-original content and step up our game regarding event schedules. It seems like a fair bargain!

Happy New Year! Be proactive, join the adventure!



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