Redoubts: There's Usually a View

We've visited the Redoubts in Garrison, NY many times since we adopted the trails leading to them back in October. Each time we've visited in the past, we've been afforded great weather conditions and clear views. Today, we visited the site for the first time under thick fog and rain conditions to perform a quick inspection and some general maintenance. Visit the NYNJTC site to explore your own opportunities to give back and volunteer!


When we originally began our internal conversation about adopting a trail, we had a list of particular attributes that we had hoped for. A few miles of trails at an interesting location with some character and some views. When we were told that the Redoubt Trail was available, I admit that I had previously repeatedly overlooked this small section on the map. To find out that the approximately 3-mile trail was rich with Revolutionary War history and great views of the Hudson Highlands, we knew this was exactly what we had hoped for.


Days later we returned to the site for a hike with Mary Dodds from the NYNJTC. Within just a few days the leaves had rapidly began to change and the fall foliage was far more prevalent. We discussed our ideas, future projects, and overall vision with Mary and by the end of the day we had agreed to adopt this stretch of trails.


A month later, shortly after Thanksgiving, we returned to the Redoubts on a windy autumn day. The leaves had mostly fallen by this time and the view of West Point, Storm King Mountain, and some of Breakneck Ridge was even more expansive.


Our first visit to the Redoubts in the new year was shrouded in fog. Nevertheless, we wanted to make sure that the trail was in decent shape after a few recent storms. The trail was indeed in great shape, but the usual amazing views were nonexistent!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding events at the Redoubts. Trail runs, maintenance opportunities, and picnics are forthcoming!




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