Claudius Smith Saves The Day

Claudius Smith's Den - Although we had planned for a social hike at Sterling Ridge to visit the Sterling Fire Tower, Mother Nature had other plans. With the possibility of devastating winter weather looming all week, the snow was finally expected to hit on Saturday and we anxiously kept an eye on the forecast. When all the anticipation came to a head, we only got a few inches and it turned into more of a rain event than anything else!

Nevertheless, the issue wasn't with the trail conditions, but with the parking conditions! Parking at the Sterling Ridge trailhead was questionable due to snow on the side of the road and ice underneath. In a last-minute change of venue, we held our Proactive social hike at Claudius Smith's Den instead. As soon as we hit the trail we were welcomed by heavy rain drops, threatening to turn this into a far less comfortable hike. We trekked along in the rain until we reached Claudius Smith's Den to take some refuge and hang out a while.

Thankfully, by the time we got moving again, the rain stopped and the temperatures rose a bit. We hiked the rest of the trail enjoying snow-covered landscapes and iced-over features. We're fortunate to operate in an area that allows for so many alternatives and alterations. We hope to see you on a future Proactive social hike! Be proactive, join the adventure.

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