Breaking Beacon

Mt. Beacon - We had exceptional weather for our social hike up Mt. Beacon and a great turnout. It was sunny, but at a brisk 17 degrees, an abundance of ice made the hike a bit more challenging than it may have been otherwise. The countless views made every slip and slide totally worth it.

We paused our icy trek at a frozen Beacon Reservoir, the fire tower looming ahead at the peak of the mountain across the water. After a short break we continued and arrived at Beacon Fire Tower in short order. We took turns heading to the top of the tower and snapping photos of the countless views in every direction.

There was some more slipping and sliding on our way to the site of the former hotel & casino. Once we arrived, we spent some more time overlooking the city of Beacon and the white ice sheet flowing along the Hudson. More photos were taken and we enjoyed the competing amazing view before making our way back down the mountain to the parking lot.

We hope to see you on a future Proactive social hike! Be proactive, join the adventure.

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