January Wrap-Up

As the month of January rolls to a close each year, I always wind up feeling like New Year's Day was much longer ago than just a few weeks. I tend to break into the new year with indescribable optimism and this year has been no exception, but 2019 is decidedly different than previous years. In less than 30 days, I will have officially completed my contractual obligation and will leave my position as a hotel manager.

So, where in years past the goal was to execute well within a work/life balance, I am now about to merge my work & my life to take a shot at doing something extraordinary. I am humbled by all of the support Proactive has received thus far and look forward to bringing more exciting events, content, and adventure to all of you!

Since last year, I have been excitedly counting down to the day where I could wake up and focus 100% of my energy on Proactive and that day is now rising clearly over the horizon. I will have a lot to do in March and a lot to announce. Stay tuned! Be proactive, join the adventure.

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