20th Social Hike: Return to Ramapo Torne

Ramapo Torne - We last visited this popular spot in Harriman State Park back in September for our 5th schedules Proactive social hike. The weather promised to be unkind and it turned out being one of the rainiest days that we've seen in a while. The trails flooded and by the time we made it back to our cars we were are entirely drenched.

Since September, we've had 3 social hikes a month, in addition to a number of special events. So, this past Monday, as we gathered at the Reeves Meadow Information Center for our 20th social hike under shrouded skies, we were concerned that the weather might just steal the views from Ramapo Torne yet again. It was drizzling as we started along the icy trail, but once we arrived at the view, the clouds miraculously split and we were treated to one of coolest Ramapo Torne views that we've ever seen.

After Ramapo Torne, those who wanted more hiking took a quick run with us to the top of Almost Perpendicular. By the time we got to our second location, the rest of the clouds made way for a bright blue sky. We moved quickly on this Double Take and we hung out at the view for a while before calling it a day.

We were ecstatic to have a good, solid group with us for our 20th social hike - thank you to everybody who came out! We hope to see you on a future Proactive social hike! Be proactive, join the adventure.

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