February Wrap-Up

After counting down for over a year, from somewhere up around 450 days, the end of February marked the start of a new existence. On Thursday the 28th, my last day at work as a hotel manager, I felt very upbeat. I was grateful for the overwhelming support for what I was doing and I was feeling good.

On Friday the 1st – “day one” - I woke up early and met with Steve and Christian for our first visit to Clarence Fahnestock State Park in NY and a stop at Pine Swamp Mountain on the way home. Despite the great views of the snow-covered Hudson Highlands, my mind was running wild.

I’ve had endless discussions and meetings with the team about our next steps and had meticulously mapped out the details. However, as soon as I had finished counting down the days, it felt as though my thoughts shattered.

Jump ahead a few days and then it was Monday morning. I popped up at 7:30AM, made some coffee, grabbed my phone, and sat down at the laptop. All the work I used to try to jam in after 7PM, I was able to comfortably complete in a leisurely, focused way. I felt a rhythm.

By the time Tuesday the 5th rolled along, Christian, Tolon (@viewsco), and Hudson the dog, headed up to Storm King Mountain and I was much more at ease. I was able to enjoy the hike, the views, and the good vibes.

Now that I’ve committed to building Proactive, it is important for me to continuously consider how I can bring value to our members. Over the course of the next few weeks and months and years, we will be rolling out more events, more hikes, and more projects – all of which are aimed at benefiting our entire member community.

This March, we’ve scheduled more events in one month than ever before and will be introducing pop-up events for Facebook group members. I’m also looking forward to having some more details to share with all of you on our Proactive: Adventure, Health, & Wellness Festival for this July.

I’m excited to get deeper and deeper into the work that will go into growing Proactive and I look forward to the continued support of our enthusiastic members. Stay tuned – much more to come.




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