First Social Hike in the Kittatinny Region

Blairstown, NJ - Our first social hike in the Kittatinny region managed to be a great time - thanks to the awesome group who came out - despite the icy & snowy trails and fogged-out views. The beauty of the range still shone through somehow as hiked along Raccoon Ridge.

The hike coincided with Steve's birthday and so this was a quasi-birthday celebration. We were treated to delicious, homemade brownies from one of our members, Vanessa, who surprised us by selflessly carrying a few extra pounds of treats with her on the trail.

We'll be back in the Kittatinny region for our next social hike, the first in the month of March, to Catfish Mountain & Fire Tower. As if the region is perpetually foggy, we're expecting similar views. Looks like we'll be planning another trip to the Kittatinny region soon in another attempt to catch the views.

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