The Southern Wyanokies

March 27, 2019

Federal Hill

 There is much history associated with Federal Hill. This dates back to revolutionary times: a mass act of subordination in the Continental Army took place here on January 20, 1781, an event known as the Pompton Mutiny. The root cause was a lack of provisions and sufficient winter-ready clothing.


Several ruins of the Bergwald Nazi Bund camp can be found on Federal Hill, which operated through the 1930s and raided by the FBI in 1941. The hill is under increasing pressure from housing development and a quarry operated by Tilcon NY Inc. Algonquin Gas Transmission LLC administers a natural gas pipeline on the hill as well. As such, a large percentage of Federal Hill is within private property. Legal access to the area overlooking Riverdale is possible, though extremely difficult.


High Crest 

Accessible by bushwhack only, High Crest is separated from the rest of Apshawa Preserve by the Apshawa Brook. The western point of High Crest is an outcrop overlooking Route 23 at the border of Kinnelon and West Milford, just before NJ-23 runs into the dreaded "S-turns". These turns are the site of many accidents and some fatalities due to improper banking of the road surface. Once a two-way road, this section of Route 23 was converted into a one-way, two-lane, northbound road after the construction of modern southbound lanes on the other side of the Pequannock River. This means the left lane, once southbound, banks in the wrong direction around turns for northbound drivers. There is an ongoing debate between locals and town/state officials about a proper solution, which will require complicated planning and a hefty price tag.

Table Rock

A long walk through the Skyline Preserve leads to Table Rock. Henion Pond is at the forefront. Joining the scene are Manhattan and a stretch of Route 23 in Kinnelon. Quick access from the south is available through private property only, and should not be used without permission.

Mount Warner


Isolated from the rest of Norvin Green with no marked trails, Mount Warner is separated from Carris Hill by Post Brook. The approach is a bushwhack with the aid of several woods roads.

Osio Rock

The name "Osio" is a Lenni Lenape word meaning "beautiful view". Trees have since overgrown the summit, obstructing what was once a 360° view. Still, lines of sight exist towards Carris Hill, Wyanokie Tourne, Buck Mountain, the Wanaque Reservoir, Bloomingdale NJ, and New York City. Additional views are found on the southwest slopes. Access is gained through the Torne and Hewitt-Butler trails.


Wyanokie Torne NJ1K #36



Tourne Mountain -- commonly called "Wyanokie Torne" -- is climbed via short but steep sections of the Hewitt-Butler Trail. A scramble on the southern end reveals views of Osio Rock, Bloomingdale, Riverdale, and the Tilcon Quarry. The most popular feature of Tourne is the Stone Living Room. The circular set of stone chairs surrounds a fireplace, along with a separate "recliner". The backdrop is formed by the soft, rolling hills of the Jersey Highlands, looking into the sunset at the end of the day.