Thomas First's Final Peak

The Catskills - When we first met Thomas First in December on our Proactive social hike to Westbrook Mountain, he told us he was working on completing his Catskill 3500 Club list. His determination was evident and he was fast approaching the end of his journey.

On a later hike, we discussed the idea of holding a special social hike to celebrate the completion of his quest. We love it when a plan comes together.

Proactive joined a group of good people that Thomas has met along the way including Diana Richards of Gear Forward, Moe Lemire & Jeff Senterman of Hikeonguides, and other friends & hikers to summit Balsam Mountain.

Despite having no views once again, when we got to the top, we honored Thomas's achievement & celebrated his hard work & dedication. Congratulations Thomas! On to the next peak!

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