Getting Out of Your Head

I'm sure we have all experienced it before. You're only an hour into your hike - your pack is way heavier than you intended/expected, you definitely should have bought those inserts for your boots and the same damn mosquito has been buzzing around your ear since you left the parking lot.

You're tired, hot, and frustrated. There are miles of trails ahead of you before you get to camp and your friends seem totally unfazed and annoyingly happy. You know that this is something that you can do and that you typically enjoy but it's just so much harder today.

I find myself thinking these things sometimes, getting stuck in my head and beating myself up because I'm not having the best time ever. Not wanting to be a buzzkill or worry my friends. What do you do? Do you share with the group and let them know that you're having a hard time or just power through? Do you suck it up and just try to power through what feels like the longest afternoon you have ever lived?

It's really hard to admit when you are struggling. I personally experience a lot of guilt about not wanting to ruin other people's time. But I guess the biggest part is understanding that the struggle won't go on forever. The negative thoughts that burden you won't always be there and you need to have faith that you can survive this. Maybe we're not talking about just hiking anymore, but whoever needs to hear it - you've got this. So far you have survived all of your hardest hikes and hardest days and you can make it through this one too.

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