Guardians of the Highlands

Harriman State Park & Bear Mountain State Park - It was back in October that Christian presented this route and mentioned it as a candidate for the Proactive Strenuous Series. This was even prior to our first strenuous social hike, the fall's Norvin Green Tour. The route would take us over 10 miles, end to end, from Dunderberg Mountain to the top of Bear Mountain, concluding at Perkins Memorial Tower. Over six months later, we were blessed with ideal weather to complete this trek. With a very strong group, we kept a great moving pace and took the appropriate time to enjoy the greatest spots.

The majority of the group started the day by meeting up at the finish line, Bear Mountain, as a car drop was required. We convened at the Timp Torne trailhead shortly thereafter and hit the trail hard. Charging forward, we hit some key points on Dunderberg quickly and kept moving. After taking our first significant break on Bald Mountain, the goal was to hit the Timp by noon ("Timp By Noon!"). Steve & Christian led a portion of the group ahead and they indeed made it there by noon, the rest of the group arriving with minutes! From there, we moved along to Cat's Elbow and West Mountain for an endless array of views.

Perkins Memorial Tower continuously appeared in the distance throughout the day, a constant reminder of our final destination. Depending on its size, it could either conjure dread or joy. After a final push, the group arrived back at the tower to complete the grueling challenge. The Proactive patches were distributed and the inaugural Guardians of the Highlands was completed.

Thank you to everybody came out to conquer these mountains with us. We'll be announcing the summer segment of the Strenuous Series soon! We look forward to hitting the trails again with you soon! See the gallery and check the captions for the times.

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