Our mission is to encourage our members to live proactively by pushing their boundaries and recognizing their own achievements

with the goal of realizing their physical, mental, and social potential in the process.

We foster an atmosphere that is far removed from traditional social divisions and crutches - instead we focus on personal

triumph, continual development, and the recognition of strength and capability in all aspects.

PROACTIVE is an inclusive, but exclusive, network of formidable individuals with a focus on

collective progression through collaboration, camaraderie, and personal enjoyment.


Be proactive. Join the adventure.

Pushing your limits, physically, mentally, and socially.

Showing Resilience in the face of difficulty and challenge. 

Getting Outside - both out of the bubble and outdoors. 

Adapting, accepting and expecting change.

Having Confidence in your ability and having proper confidence in others. 

Toughness is celebrated, weakness - real and contrived - is not.

Inclusive, but exclusive - everyone is welcome, but everyone's not for us. 

Aspire to a Venturous lifestyle - domestically, professionally, and socially . 

Enjoyment of all life has to offer -there's a lot to enjoy and little time to do so. 

Several socials a month, ranging in difficulty from easy to very hard, are open to the public. Whether you want to test your capability, meet new people, or are just looking to get outside, one of our many options will work for you. We put thought and preparation into our routes and destinations so you can just focus on taking it all in. REGISTER to get outside with us!

Our members enjoy an expanded adventure with MEMBERS ONLY experiences



For those who have already gotten outside with us and have proven themselves to be strong, capable people, you'll intermittently receive exclusive invitations to INVITE ONLY experiences that are truly intense and challenging. These experiences are open to those who have documented time with PROACTIVE and have previously vetted themselves through their performance.

Have you wanted to do something out of the ordinary for your team? Don't whip out a board game that came out of a board room and bring in a motivational speaker to ramble on. Get your team outside with PROACTIVE for a memorable day that will strengthen bonds that you and your team will be able to revisit over and over again! Check out TEAM-BUILDING for more information.



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