Joe Proscia

There was always an idea in his head to create something, but the details were fuzzy. He spent over a decade deep in a malaise of hospitality management, meeting many of life's challenges head on. Eventually, there came a time when getting into the woods for long, grueling solo marches became routine; the challenge became the itch and it could only be achieved by really pushing - suffering, to some degree. Soon, Joe realized that it wasn't so easy to find other gluttons for punishment, so he decided to be proactive about it and form a society whose members would be happy to share the ultimately satisfying experience of pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits and having a genuinely good time while doing it. 




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Christian Mena

Sharing Brooklyn and the Catskills as childhood backdrops, he had been spending time out in the woods for years at this point, either solo or with friends and family. Not a guy for "group" events in the traditional sense. A talented musician and photographer, as well as a veteran outdoor explorer and navigator, he was handling his own challenges and looking for ways to harness his skills. Then, he was contacted by Joe Proscia - who spoke of taking the idea of getting outside and treating it differently - with an edge. The two  clicked and have since gotten outside for hundreds of miles under the PROACTIVE banner. Christian has been responsible for helping to mold PROACTIVE's brand and product, executing its plans and events, and documenting the entirety of its existence through various multimedia and intuitive record keeping.



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Mike Fratto


Born and bred in the northern section of Orange County, NY, he's spent countless hours wandering through the Shawangunk Region and Hudson Highlands. It's his mind who is picked when seeking information about the Gunks. Mike believes it's important to live an active lifestyle in the face of dealing with Type-1 Diabetes - his capability continuously proving the benefits of being proactive.



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