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Joe Proscia

PROACTIVE's founder & owner, Joe didn't find the community he was looking for when he searched for others with shared appreciation for the outdoors, so he decided to create his own.

The operational and interpersonal skills that Joe reinforced during his 10+ year career in hospitality are transferable into adventure.

Christian Mena

Aside from being PROACTIVE's co-founder & most experienced hiker, Christian performs the duties of lead photographer, resident route master, and statistician, among many others. Not to mention, he's also a talented bassist.

His years of experience and wealth of knowledge are put to great use while meticulously planning and successfully executing PROACTIVE experiences.

2019.05.11 - Guardians of the Highlands
Angelique Grathwohl


Special education art teacher by day, outdoor enthusiast/foodie the rest of the time, Angelique grew up in the South Jersey Pine Barrens surrounded by forests and had endless opportunities to explore and mountain bike.

She's carried her need for fresh air and disconnecting with her as a means of self care for mental and physical health. She enjoys being outdoors most as an opportunity to be quiet with the world and to truly stop and appreciate what is around her through nature photography. 

Michael Fratto


Born and bred in the northern section of Orange County, NY, the outdoors have played a prominent role in shaping Mike's being. Growing up, he spent many summer days wandering through the Shawangunk and Hudson Highlands regions. Being a Type-One Diabetic, he chooses to live an active life - getting outdoors to stay healthy has been an essential element of my relationship with Mother Nature along with a zest for views.