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By registering for PROACTIVE social experiences or events, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all terms and stipulations in the event waiver

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Most Proactive socials are not designed for beginners and can be difficult for those who are not properly prepared. Please refer to the DIFFICULTY GUIDELINES prior to registering and assure you read any emails sent regarding events. 

  • Guardians of the Highlands
    Time is TBD
    Perkins Memorial Tower
    The southern gate of the Hudson Highlands is formed by a series of peaks - this rugged, 15-mile route will cover them all.
  • Schunemunk Tour
    Time is TBD
    Gonzaga Park
    Earn your patch with a 16-mile route that traverses the entire length of the mountain, including the Western Ridge and High Knob.
  • Mount Tammany
    Time is TBD
    Mt Tammany Red Dot Trail
    Tammany is the crown jewel of New Jersey, with views directly into the massive Delaware Water Gap gorge.
  • Sun Pop
    Time is TBD
    Popolopen Torne
    We'll see how may laps up and down Pop Torne we can do and have dinner at the top as we recount the day's events and watch the sun go down...
  • Beacon "Nice Guy"
    Time is TBD
    Mount Beacon Trailhead
    Not nearly as grueling as his cousin, Beacon Bully, this will be a trip all the way up Breakneck over to the Beacon Fire Tower and then down the Casino Trail.
  • North-South Lake Circular
    Time is TBD
    Scutt Road Parking
    The North-South Lake Circular is packed: Artists, Sunset, and Lookout Rocks, Newman's Ledge, the site of the Catskill Mountain House, and more...