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By registering for PROACTIVE social experiences or events, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all terms and stipulations in the event waiver

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Most Proactive socials are not designed for beginners and can be difficult for those who are not properly prepared. Please refer to the DIFFICULTY GUIDELINES prior to registering and assure you read any emails sent regarding events. 

  • Sun Pop Redux
    Time is TBD
    Popolopen Torne
    We'll see how may laps up and down Pop Torne we can do and have dinner at the top as we recount the day's events and watch the sun go down...
  • Wyanokie Triple
    Time is TBD
    The New Weis Center for Education, Arts
    [EASY] Enjoy one of New Jersey’s finest views at the bald, 360° summit of Wyanokie High Point.
  • Minnewaska Tour
    Time is TBD
    Lake Minnewaska
    [HARD] Hit each and every single spot in Minnewaska in a day -- the first time this route will be done since March 2020...
  • Breakneck 7.5
    Time is TBD
    Breakneck Ridge Trail
    Ascend the famous Breakneck Ridge SEVEN times in a row using distinct routes each time. Though participants are encouraged to complete the entire event, they may elect to join PROACTIVE for a portion of the route as they see fit.